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Majority of the candidates are threatened by technology jobs.  Firstly, people think that you are suppose to be intelligent and genius for this job and secondly, that you will gradually reduce into ashes since the industry witness dynamic consequences every time. None of this myth is a reality. The truth is that a normal individual can simply earn over $100,000 per year in a technology job, no matter you possess a doctorate or not, and that chunk of money isn’t running anywhere.

IT is one other field related to technology industry, but a career here can turn out to be rewarding. The highest-paying jobs here all bring in nearly $100,000 a year on the low end of a gamut.  The pinnacle of the IT hierarchy is the Chief Information Officer position, where you will begin, on an average, at almost $126,000.

As per the studies, few jobs with average salaries of above$100,000 incorporates consulting, IT auditing, software engineering, data architecture and applications development. That might pinch your ears, but actually, information technology is basically using computers and software to organize, store, share, protect or else use data.

To initiate with, you can enter into IT industry with just a high school degree, and few $100k+ employees possess just an associate or bachelor’s degree.



One field that is creating a buzz in the present time is green technology. Even when fiscal crisis are in progress, people are willing to invest as much as money in novel technology that will help them save energy, cut emissions or else “go green.”  There are industries as well for say, medical technology industry or the media tech industry. Undoubtedly, the highest-paying technology jobs are under the government banner and there are ample of job vacancies. Don’t let the dark clouds of technology industry hover you; it’s lucrative and ever-demanding world in which to work.

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Tech & IT Jobs