High Paying Healthcare Industry Jobs

Majority of the high paying jobs are directly associated to the healthcare industry (Physicians/surgeons, dentists and pharmacists).  If you dig deep inside, you will discover that if you have a two-year degree in your hand, the healthcare industry offer certain highest paying jobs. Basically, LVNs and EMTs, who required just six-month program that pay fairly good as against others in jobs that don’t need a degree.  Everyone in the medical universe have an opportunity to make good money swiftly as compared to other industries.

Even during the time of fiscal crisis, people need medication, hospitals, drug companies as well as emergency services, so the industry here hasn’t fall down since it possess other industries in recent days. Additionally, states are generating more jobs in relation to this industry.

Mentioned below are certain areas besides being a nurse in healthcare industry

Surgeons: If you want to be a surgeon, especially if you expertise in a particular field, you can expect to earn, on average, over $180,000 annually.

Anesthesiologists: Though they are not much active in performing surgery, anesthesiologists are used in just about every operating room to direct the anesthetics securely. They earn, on average, almost $175,000 a year.

Pediatricians: Children need to visit their doctors more as compared to adults, so in this field, you’ll be in demand and busy as well, but the rewards are well worth it. The highest-paying positions are actually in schools, where the average annual salary is over $145,000.

Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists, and Prosthodontists: Dentists, especially oral surgeons, are constantly overlooked in the medical industry when recent high school graduates are comparing careers, but hunting a top-paying job in this career field is effortless.

OB/GYNs: Obstetricians and Gynecologists earn as much or more than anesthesiologists, but in a fewer extreme environment. The main spotlight here is on reproduction and disease prevention.

Psychiatrists: Enjoy listening to other people’s problems? What if you’re paid to do so? Astoundingly, this is a high-paying career, arising in at over $150,000 annually.

Moreover, hospital CEOs, podiatrists, optometrists, pharmacists as well as funeral directors all generate $100K+ salaries.


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Healthcare Industry Jobs