Aviation Jobs with High Salaries

Honestly speaking, the air travel industry backset a bit when the nation is in a recession, but if you have a glance over long-term trends, this is a perfect industry that will develop when more people start travelling via plane.

Being a pilot is not only the option you’re left with. In conjunction with flying a plane or becoming a flight engineer, you can also be an air traffic controller.

And the best part is that, all these jobs possess the potential of $100K pay. In reality, the median pilot/co-pilot salary was almost $145,000 as of 2007 and the median air traffic controller income was approximately $112,000 in the same year.

Probably, you are require to have a bachelor’s degree to gain a $100k+ job with respect to air transportation industry, but that is not always suppose to be true. Actually, 73.6% of all air pilots, copilots as well as flight engineers possess a bachelor’s degree. However, when this particular industry is considered, you’re not required to climb the hierarchy for almost a decade or two prior you’ll perceive those six-figures.

Take into account the following jobs:

Private Flight Instructor: Depending on the location you reside and who you edify, you might be capable to witness a giant salary by tutoring others to fly. With this type of career, you need experience, so this isn’t the fresher’s cup of tea.

Air Tour Guide: Begin your own “flight-seeing” tour, and you definitely have $100k+ potential. There are certain obstacles here to cross – you are suppose to possess a lot of money power  to commence, since you’ll need your own plane or helicopter, you are require to have a lot of experience, and you need to reside in an area where people want tours by air, like Alaska or Hawaii. It’s an alternative, however!

Commercial Pilot: Commercial pilots are similar to truck drivers in the air. If you choose to be a commercial pilot, you may not earn over $100,000 at first, but the top 75% make six figures per year.

It’s not good to avoid the airline and airport industry in your expedition for a $100K+ job. Majority of the folks wonder of flight attendants and luggage handlers when they consider air transportation, but remember there are definitely more rewarding careers in this particular industry.


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Aviation Jobs